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-Wild- by Amaya-Hikari -Wild- :iconamaya-hikari:Amaya-Hikari 0 0 Shine by Amaya-Hikari Shine :iconamaya-hikari:Amaya-Hikari 5 2 When Darkness Consumes You by Amaya-Hikari When Darkness Consumes You :iconamaya-hikari:Amaya-Hikari 2 0 Sherry Birkin Wallpaper by Amaya-Hikari Sherry Birkin Wallpaper :iconamaya-hikari:Amaya-Hikari 12 5 Ada Wong Wallpaper by Amaya-Hikari Ada Wong Wallpaper :iconamaya-hikari:Amaya-Hikari 15 0 Laura Bailey by Amaya-Hikari Laura Bailey :iconamaya-hikari:Amaya-Hikari 23 5 Angel Beats Wallpaper by Amaya-Hikari Angel Beats Wallpaper :iconamaya-hikari:Amaya-Hikari 28 8
Enough is Enough - Chapter 1 REWRITTEN
Chapter 1
Another day in Bohdum High School. It's only been a full month into the semester and I'm already tired of this place. I've been tripped in the hallway, I've been insulted multiple times and my mechanical pencils keep coming up missing. I know what you're thinking. I'm being a little too sensitive and all I have to do it buy more pencils. Well, it's not actually that easy. First of all, Pencils cost quite a lot of Gil around here and second this "bullying" isn't exactly on the side to be easily ignored. They'll just keep coming at me until I retaliate and end up in trouble myself. And it's not like I can tell someone, otherwise I'll get laughed at. I honestly don't see what's so funny about being harassed on a daily basis. These guys seem to have it in their mind that I'm the problem. It'll always be me. In detention. During lunch. Starving to death. I honestly can't help it if Serah and I have odd hair and eye colors and are… well… different. We've told the teachers, we've to
:iconamaya-hikari:Amaya-Hikari 3 0
SPIRIT DAY! by Amaya-Hikari SPIRIT DAY! :iconamaya-hikari:Amaya-Hikari 28 5 dA ID by Amaya-Hikari dA ID :iconamaya-hikari:Amaya-Hikari 1 0
Yogurt -Chapter 3-
Chapter 3
After we finished dyeing their hair, Jacob and I stood back to examine our work. For our first time dyeing hair, we did a pretty good job.
"How does it look?" Lightning asked.
I gave her a mirror and let her look for herself.
"Hmm, not bad." Lightning said, turning her head from side to side.
Hope stayed noticeably silent, but I ignored it and moved on to making dinner, it was already 7:00 PM and I hadn't started on dinner. I would have given everyone TV dinners, but we didn't have enough for everyone. Since I was tired and didn't wanna spend too much time making dinner, I just threw together a tossed salad for everyone and took my food to my room. I told Jacob to come get me when everyone was ready to go to bed. I ate my food in my room and played around on my old (and slow) desktop computer for a while until Jacob came in my room and said everyone was tired. I went back down stairs and started showing everyone to their bedroom. Inside my head, I was thanking the lord that t
:iconamaya-hikari:Amaya-Hikari 6 5
Yeul - Nameless by Amaya-Hikari Yeul - Nameless :iconamaya-hikari:Amaya-Hikari 47 13 Lightning - Forever Silent by Amaya-Hikari Lightning - Forever Silent :iconamaya-hikari:Amaya-Hikari 44 14
Yogurt -Chapter 2-
Chapter 2
"Well..." I glanced at Jacob and he nodded at me. Might as well get it out of the way...
Before I could begin my explanation, we heard the sound of heavy footsteps and a loud crash come from the living room.
"Hey, be quiet." I said, raising my frying pan and listening closely.
"You need to watch what you're doing, Snow."
"Yeah, sorry." There was a short chuckle. "But uhhh, where is this place anyway?"
"Oh. My. God." I whispered slowly.
"Oh Great..." Lightning groaned.
"No way..." Jacob whispered.
In our living room, was a broken vase, a confused Hope and an oddly cheerful Snow.
"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" I yelled, staring at our new guests.
"Who are you?" Hope asked, becoming a little defensive.
"I'm Patrick Star." I said sarcastically.
"Sarah, this is no time for sarcasm." He said, grabbing me by my upper arm. "Okay, I know you guys are a little confused, but we were just about to explain to Lightning-"
"Lightning? Where is she?" Snow asked, taking a step forward.
"Here, follow
:iconamaya-hikari:Amaya-Hikari 12 3
Enough is Enough -Chapter 3- by Amaya-Hikari Enough is Enough -Chapter 3- :iconamaya-hikari:Amaya-Hikari 5 6
Yogurt -Chapter 1-
Chapter 1
"Okay, so Austin's waiting for me outside. Our honeymoon will only last a week. Do NOT open the door for anyone. I have a list of numbers on the fridge and if any bill collector's call, do not answer the phone, okay Sarah?" Mary Anderson or as me, my brother and sister like to call her, Mom, said, dragging a large suitcase through the living room.
"Yeah yeah, I get it. You act like I've never lived in a college dorm before." I said, sitting one of her smaller suitcases next to the door.
"Oh, right. Thanks again for coming back home and watching over Eliza and Jacob for me."
"No problem. Where are those two anyway?"
"Swimming lessons. Our church is paying for them at the YMCA. Jacob has his own truck now so you don't have to pick anyone up, but he should be back around 12:00. Dinner is at 6:30 and have everyone in bed by 9:00." She said, swinging her purse over her shoulder.
"Alright, alright. I've got everything under control." I said, walking down the driveway and opening th
:iconamaya-hikari:Amaya-Hikari 9 6


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I'm definitely going to be updating more frequently. I need to get more active on dA. I'm also going to coming out with a new chapter of Yogurt soon as well. Just thought I'd let you guys know. I've been kind of silent for a while. :)

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:bulletblack: Name: Tyra
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:bulletblack: Muzik : 4minute, SHINee, Girls Generation, Rookiez is Punk’D, Aqua Timez, Hyuna, After School, ect.

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