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Chapter 1
Another day in Bohdum High School. It's only been a full month into the semester and I'm already tired of this place. I've been tripped in the hallway, I've been insulted multiple times and my mechanical pencils keep coming up missing. I know what you're thinking. I'm being a little too sensitive and all I have to do it buy more pencils. Well, it's not actually that easy. First of all, Pencils cost quite a lot of Gil around here and second this "bullying" isn't exactly on the side to be easily ignored. They'll just keep coming at me until I retaliate and end up in trouble myself. And it's not like I can tell someone, otherwise I'll get laughed at. I honestly don't see what's so funny about being harassed on a daily basis. These guys seem to have it in their mind that I'm the problem. It'll always be me. In detention. During lunch. Starving to death. I honestly can't help it if Serah and I have odd hair and eye colors and are… well… different. We've told the teachers, we've told the principle, but immature game continues. And the bad part is that the teachers join in on the game. I mean seriously, what teacher bullies a student? Aren't teachers supposed to be stopping it? Well, there's honestly nothing I can do to stop them. Mom always did tell me to respect my elders, but this is becoming unbearable.
"Hey, Claire…" a voice coming from a student to my left said to me. He folded up a piece of paper and held it out to for me to take. "Pass that to Nala for me?" he whispered.
"No, I'm not going to risk getting yelled at over a stupid note." I whispered back, not taking my eyes off the chalkboard. I grabbed my aqua colored mechanical pencil off of my desk and started fiddling with the eraser, trying my best to ignore the student next to me who was pleading for me to pass the piece of paper to the girl who was sitting to the right of me. I crossed my legs and chewed on the inside of my mouth, paying attention to each every word that the teacher spoke. My thoughts drifted off to Serah, wondering if she was doing okay so far. Serah normally brushes the bullying off and she says I should do the same, but like I said before, this little game is not on the side to be easily ignored. I uncrossed my legs and pulled my uniform skirt down and rested my elbows on my desk. I felt a hard pinch on my arm and another whisper from the boy next to me.
I turned and glared daggers at him and me before whispering "Leave me alone." Through gritted teeth. The boy put the note in his pocket, faced forward and slouched in his chair. At this point, the teacher was passing around assignments for us to complete by the end of class, along with some kind of note for us to take home. I think it was something about signing up for band or something. I honestly don't know because I was honestly to busy dealing with the brat next to me to pay attention.
Once I received the two pieces of paper, I reached under my chair, pulled out a red folder and put the note inside before putting it back under my chair. I turned back around to my desk and right away noticed my aqua mechanical pencil was missing. Are you kidding me? I mentally asked myself before rubbing my temples and raising my hand for the teacher to see.
"Yes Miss Farron?" He said, looking up from his desk.
I took a deep breath, preparing myself to be chewed out "I umm…don't have a pencil." I announced, lowering my head and glancing at the floor and back at him through my bangs.
"Claire, this is an everyday thing with you. Why can't you bring a pencil to class, hm? It's one of the most important items you need when you come to school." He snapped.
"I know, I-"
"No, I don't want to hear it. Everyone in this room, including me, has a pencil except you. I'm not playing around, if you do not bring a pencil tomorrow, it's gonna be a trip to In School Suspension. You can use one of mine."
"Yes sir." I said, getting up from my seat to retrieve a pencil from his desk. I ignored all the eyes on me and quickly returned to my seat. I wrote my name at the top of my paper and began filling out the answers. I was working on the seventh question when the sound of chuckling from my left broke my concentration. I turned my head in his direction and my eyes widened when I saw the boy pull my mechanical pencil out of his left jacket pocket and held it up for me to see. I swear to god when this class ends-
"Miss Farron, get to work, now."  The teacher said adjusting his glasses and glaring at me through the lens. I filled out the rest of the questions, turned in my paper and waited patiently for class to end. After everyone turned in their assignment for the day, everyone was given free time to talk. As usual, I kept stayed in my desk and kept to myself. I tried drawing a picture of a moogle to keep myself busy.
"What cha drawing there, Claire?" a deep and rather annoying voice said from behind me. I turned around to see Snow looking over my shoulder at my drawing. I quickly balled the piece of paper up and pushing it to the corner of my desk, muttering "Nothing." In response to Snow's question.
"Okay… well why are you sitting here by yourself?" He asked with his signature cocky grin.
"If you haven't already noticed, no one talks to me. And are you even in this class?" I said, rubbing my temples.
"Nah, I snuck out of my class. I would have gone to see Serah, but I'm not allowed on the 11th grade hall…least not anymore." He said, scratching the back of his neck.
"What did you do this time?" I asked, raising my eyebrows.
"Horse playing in the hallway with the football team. Two bystanders had to go to the nurse, but I still don't see why the Principle Dysley made such a big fuss over it."
I face-palmed "Snow, you do realize you're rather huge for your age, right?"
"I don't think I'm that huge…" he trailed off, looking around the room at all the other students.
I noticed his odd behavior and said "If you don't wanna be seen with me, then you can go back to your own class. Why did you come and talk to me anyway? Won't that give you bad publicity?"
"Serah says she wants me to have a relationship with you. Who knows, one day you might be my sister-in-law." He said with his signature cocky grin.
I simply rolled my eyes and muttered "Whatever."
"Sooo, still having problems with the other students?" He asked, drumming his fingers on my desk.
"Yeah, but there's honestly nothing I can do about it. I'll have to tough it out." I said, twirling a lock of my hair around my right index finger.
"Ya know, when Serah and I got together, she said the same thing. She was actually surprised that I would actually bother with her, but she was different and that's what got my attention."
"Well, I better get back to class before someone notices that I'm missing…"
"It won't be that hard to notice that you're gone. You're like the tallest person in your class, besides Gadot." I said, resting my head in my hands.
"Yeah yeah, I'll see ya later Claire." He said, giving me a short wave and walking out of the room, surprisingly, unnoticed.
I sat in my desk, keeping to myself. We still had another 5 minutes until class ended, so I did my best to keep myself busy until then. I fiddled my thumbs, stared at the clock and counted pencils. Only a full minute has passed since my chat with Snow and I was little anxious to get out of class. I drummed my fingers on my desk, but I was interrupted by a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to find that it was the same boy from earlier. He reached in his pocket, pulled out my mechanical pencil and put it on my desk.
"Wow, you actually gave it back this time." I said sarcastically, grabbing the pencil and putting it in my blue pencil pouch.
"You wouldn't pass the note, sooo…" He trailed off and smirked at me.
"Sooo you got me chewed out over a stupid note." I asked, glaring daggers at him.
"It was important." He said, shrugging his shoulders.
"Get out of my sight." I said, rubbing my forward to get rid of the on-coming headache.
He smirked and wandered off to join the queen-bees and their wanna-bees. After a few minutes of staring into space, the school bell rung and I gathered my books and rushed out the door to get to my next class. I made my way through the hallway, trying my best not to run into anyone or make eye contact with anyone. I looked around to see if Snow was anywhere around. I honestly don't respect him at all, but right now he's the only person I've got respect for in this building, besides Serah. I entered my 3rd period Math class and sat down in a random seat and waited for class to begin. I crossed my legs and twirled my thumbs around one another and looked around the room at the other students.
"Hey Farron, I believe you're sitting in my seat." A snotty voice snapped.
I brushed my bangs out of my eyes and looked up to see Nala Itagaki glaring down at me. How could I have not seen her coming? I mentally asked myself. I leaned forward and crossed my arms on top of my desk and rested my chin on my arms, ignoring the girl next to me.
"Hey, I was talking to you-"
"First of all, there are no assigned seats in this class. Second, I was sitting here first. I think you should find another seat." I said in a dark tone.
Nala rolled her eyes and sat in the seat next to me. Why couldn't she have done that from the beginning? I thought in my head as her and the rest crew sat around me. Oh, so they're gonna harass me till the end of class. How wonderful… I thought to myself.
"Why wouldn't she just give you the seat? "
"She's a dork, no wonder she's an outcast. "
"What's up with her weird hair color?"
"Maybe she tried to die her hair and left the treatment in to long?"
"She's so stupid. Why are we even talking about her?"
I sighed and ignored the whispers and giggling. The bell rung about five minutes later and the teacher walked in and closed the door. Once the lesson began, I pulled out a mechanical pencil and kept a firm grip on it to make sure this one didn't come up missing. I took out a stray piece of paper and worked out the problems on the board.
Class passed without any further problems, besides the feeling of eyes on my every once in a while. The bell rung and I exited the class, leaving everything except my pencil pouch behind and walking to lunch. When I approached the lunchroom double doors, Serah was waiting there for me along with Snow.
"Hey Claire." Snow said, grinning widely and waving at me.
"Hey sis." Serah said, giving me a kind smile.
I nodded at them both and opened the doors for all three of us to enter. We fixed our plates, paid for out lunch and sat down. I slowly ate and poked at my food, while absent mindedly looking around the room.
"Claire, are you okay? You're barely eating your food." Serah said, looking at me with concern.
"I'm alright; I've just got a head ache." I said, rubbing my temples.
"Do you need to go to the nurse?"
"No, I'll be fine."I said, giving her an almost unnoticeable smile. I took a sip of my milk and worked on finishing up my salad. Once I finished up my lunch, I threw away my plate and told Serah I was gonna return to class. I walked out of the lunchroom and returned to math class, grabbing my books off the floor and going to my locker and switched then out for ones that'll get me through the rest of the school day. After finishing up at my locker, I went to English class and sat down in my assigned seat.
The rest of the day went by without a problem and I met Serah at the front doors of the school along with Snow. We went outside and began walking on the sidewalk, on our way home. Serah and Snow chatted about random things while I stayed silent, kicking rocks across the pavement every once in a while.
"Alright guys this is my stop." Snow said, walking down the driveway to his house. "Later." He called over his shoulder.
"We said our good byes and continued onto to our home which was only a few houses away. Serah and I stayed in a comfortable silence, making small talk every once in a while. Once we reached our house, I went into my pencil pouch and pulled out the house keys. I turned the key in the lock and opened the door.
"Hi girls!" Mom called from the kitchen. Serah and I entered the kitchen to fins mom already preparing dinner. We greeted her and went upstairs to change out of our school uniforms. Once I was in some baggy black gym shorts and an orange and white striped tank top, I went back down stairs, walked into the living and turned on the TV. After scrolling through a few of the channels, I settled on the Titanic and waited for Mom to finish dinner. Dad was currently in his study either working or goofing off. I think the latter.
After ten minutes of watching the movie, mom called everyone to dinner.
"So how was school today?" Mom asked, cutting off a piece of her steak.
"The usual." Serah and I responded in unison.
"I'm sorry. I tried talking to your principle about it, but he said that it was nothing serious."
"Hm, being called ugly everyday is definitely nothing serious." I responded, taking a bite out of my steak.
"Claire, it doesn't what anyone else says, you are beautiful and I'm proud of you. Same goes for you, Serah." Dad threw in.
"Right…" I said, taking a sip of water.
The rest of dinner went by in silence as everyone dug into the contents on their plate. Once I finished my steak, I gulped down the rest of my water, went up stairs and locked myself into my room. As I was cleaning out my back pack, the school band note fell out. Not caring, I tossed the note in the trash, turned the lights off, crawled into bed and slowly drifted off to sleep.
I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock going off at exactly 5:30 AM. I blinked away the crust in my eyes and turned off my alarm clock. I crawled out of bed and went to my closet to look for my school uniform and black flats. Once I found and laid them out on my bed, I ran off to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I waited a few moments for the water to heat up before I hopped in. I washed away yesterday's sweat and grime, hopped out and dried my body and hair. I ran back to my room and quickly got dressed in my school uniform (white dress shirt and a blue plaid shirt) and went back to the bathroom. When I went in, Serah was standing at the sink brushing her teeth.
She took the tooth brush out, spit in the sink and smiled at me after giving me a "Good morning."
"Good morning." I said, grabbing my tooth brush and tooth paste. I squeezed a small amount onto the bristles of my tooth brush and starting brushing my teeth and tongue. After a minute of brushing, I spit in the sink and rinsed my mouth with water. Serah and I went downstairs to make breakfast. I grabbed to bowls out of the kitchen cabinets and poured up some milks and cheerios for Serah and me.
We sat at the table and chatted for a little while. When I was finished with my cereal I went back upstairs, grabbed my backpack and went into the living room to wait on Serah. I turned on the TV and turned it to the weather broadcast and waited for Serah to finish her cereal and get ready to go. I heard Mom and Dad's bedroom door open and Dad came rushing out in his work attire, opened the front door and walked out, not acknowledging my presence at all. Mom walked out of the room a few minutes later in a light pink dress, her long red hair tied in a pony tail. Serah came downstairs a few moments later, carrying her backpack.
"You girls ready to go? I can drive you if you want." Mom said, walking into the kitchen and washing her hands.
"Yeah, we have to be at school by seven." I said, lifting myself from the couch and grabbing my backpack.
Mom glanced at the clock and then grabbed her keys off the kitchen counter. "C'mon girls." She said, opening the front door and motioning for us to pass through.
Once we had our seat belts on, Mom turned the key in the ignition and started the car. I unzipped my backpack, pulled out my iPod and flipped through the songs until I found something to listen to. I pressed head against the window and closed my eyes, thinking about what possible disaster could occur on this fine, beautiful day. Once we arrived at the school, I put on my backpack and opened the car door.
"Have a good day, girls." Mom said as we got out of the car.
"Thanks mom." Serah and I said in unison.
After receiving lunch money from Mom, we closed the car doors and entered the school. Many heads turned our way to see who entered the building and only a few turned back to what they were doing before. Some were making comments about our odd hair color, others were wondering why our eyes are ice blue. Are blue eyes really that uncommon around here? I stopped thinking about it after receiving a soft nudge from Serah. Once we entered the lobby, Serah and I said our good-byes, she set off to the 11th grade hall and I set off to the 12th. Once I got to my locker, I opening it up and took out the notebooks and textbook I'd need for first, second and third period. After I finished up at my locker, I closed and locked it and set off to my 1st period science. Once I entered the classroom, all eyes locked on me. I stood in the doorway for a moment before walking to my desk and settling in.
A few minutes after keeping to myself, the teacher walked in with someone else following behind her.
"Everyone, this is Hope Esteim and he will be your classmate from now on." My science teacher announced.
"Uhh…hi." The boy known as 'Hope' said shyly.
"A new kid, huh? Looks like one of those spoiled rich kids from Eden." Snow whispered.
"Don't judge a book by its cover, Snow. It's not healthy." I whispered back.
"Claire, can you come here for a second?" the teacher asked from the front of the classroom.
I got up from my seat and made my way to the front of the class, stepping over books and legs that blocked my path.
"You have second period World History, right?" she asked, eyeing what looked like Hope's schedule.
"Yeah."  I said simply, glancing briefly at Hope before returning my gaze to my science teacher.
"Will you two take him there after class for me?" she asked, handing Hope his schedule back.
"Yes ma'am." I said.
"Okay, you can return to your seat. Hope, there's an empty seat next to Claire you can sit in."
After the teacher went over the lesson, the class was given free time to talk. I sat in my desk with my head down, fiddling with my pencil, glancing at the boy known as 'Hope' every once in a while. It was honestly good to know that I wasn't the only one around here with a "weird" hair color. Although white kind of suits him… I thought to myself as I once again glanced at him out of the corner of my eye. I brushed my bangs out of my eyes and rubbed my forehead. I lifted my right hand to check the time on my watch. Still another ten minutes before class ends. I thought to myself as I put my elbows on my desk and rested my head in my hands.
"Hey Hope, you alright?" I turned to right and watched Snow trying to converse with the new kid.
"Uhh, yeah. Just a headache I guess." He responded shyly.
"Tch, you and me both, kid." I said, more to myself than Hope.
"Claire, don't go scaring the new kid." Snow said, drumming his fingers on the top of his desk.
"Whatever." I said, giving him a quick glance.
"So, where ya from?" Snow asked, turning back to Hope.
I turned around fully in my seat before asking "Why did you come all the way here?"
"My dad's job was transferred here."
"Nice." I said, putting my elbows on my desk and resting my head in my hands.
"I don't really see him a lot honestly." he said, fiddling my thumbs.
"That makes two of us." I said in a sarcastic tone, my mind darting to my dad for a moment.
I stared into space for a few moments before the bell rang and all the students in the classroom started gathering their belongings and rushed out of the door. Once I got my things together, Snow, Hope and I walked out of the classroom together. I kept my head down and pushed passed other students as Hope and Snow followed behind me the way to our next class. Once we arrived, Snow took his seat while I introduced Hope to his "new" history teacher. She took his schedule and looked over it for a moment.
She shuffled through some papers on her desk and wrote something in her roll book before giving Hope back his schedule. "You can sit anywhere you'd like, Mr. Esteim. I'll have someone show you to third period math at the end of class. And you can call me Ms. Yun." She said as she handed him a history book.
"Thank you." He said with a nod before going to the back of the class and taking a seat next Nala, of all people.
I'll have to talk to him about her later… I thought as I made a move to follow Hope to my seat.
"Claire, everything okay today?"
"Actually nothing's happened…yet."
"If anything happens, just let me know. What's your next class?"
"Hope has math next, so do me a favor and get Vanille to take him?"
"Okay." I said before turning around going to my assigned seat.
To be honest, Ms. Yun was the only teacher that I told my problems to and she often watches out for me in her class. I thought I couldn't trust her with her being a teacher and all, but she's actually different from all of the others.
"Hey Claire. Any problems today?" my read headed classmate, Vanille said in her usual happy tone.
"Nothing so far, but they'll try something sooner or later."
"You have to stay positive. Maybe nothing will happen today." She said with a smile.
"Yeah, yeah…" I said, pulling out my History text book.
"Okay kiddos, I'm gonna do a roll call and when I call your name, please do not say 'Absent'." Ms. Yun announced, opening her roll book.
While the other students had their moment of childish humor, Ms. Yun called everyone's name one by one. I rested my head in my hands and waited for my name to be called. I turned around and looked at the spot Hope was sitting in. I probably should have told him not to sit in the back... that's where Nala and the rest of her clique sit... I thought, quickly looking away when he looked back at me.
"Vanille Dia?" Ms. Yun called out.
"Okay…Hope Esteim?"
"Claire Farron?"
"Here." I said, raising my hand and putting it back down when she gave me a simple hand gesture.
"Okay, everyone is here." Ms. Yun said, scribbling something down in her roll book and sitting it back down on her desk. "Okay, get your textbooks out and turn to page 149."
After staring at a text book for a full twenty minutes, filling out a worksheet and waiting for other students to finish, everyone was given free time to talk. Snow, Vanille and I chatted for a while before he glanced in Hope's direction and turned back to me.
"Hey, let's go talk to him." He whispered, getting up from his seat.
"I wanna meet the new kid!" Vanille said, hopping up from her seat.
"Okay…" I said, getting up from my seat and following him to the back of the room.
"Hey short stuff. You look mighty lonely back here." Snow said, sitting in the empty desk next to Hope.
"It's his first day. He can't just walk around the class attention seeking." I said, leaning against the desk Snow was sitting in and crossing my arms.
"There's nothing wrong with going out and meeting people though." Snow said, scratching the back of his head.
"And what if he meets the wrong person?"
"What do you- Ohhh, you mean Nala?"
"Yeah her, who else?"
"Why can't you just ignore her, Claire? She's only trying to get under your skin."
"Some things can't be ignore, Snow…"
"What's up with Nala anyway?" Hope jumped in.
"She's the "popular" girl of the school. I have to deal with her and her crew on a daily basis."
"You just can't keep my name out of your mouth, can you?" a familiar voice said a few desks away from us.
"Hey, we all have our own opinions, right? And I just think you're an annoying manipulative snob." I said, with a fake smile.
"Oh, get over yourself, Claire. I can't help if I have more friends than you do."
"Those aren't friends, they're followers and you're their fail excuse for a leader."
"Honestly Claire, people get sick of this 'tough girl' act. We all know you're an unimportant loser no one is even willing to waste their time on. I feel so bad for poor Hope over there because he has to put up with you and your-." She said, standing up.
"Claire, Nala. Stop." Ms. Yun said, from the front of the class.
"But she started-"
"Nala, don't lie to me. You said something to her first. I watched you. I want both of you to stay away from each other. Don't talk to each other, don't look at each other, and just don't interact with each other at all, okay girls?"
I shot Nala a glare before agreeing, "Yes ma'am."
"Yes ma'am." Nala, said, rolling her eyes and sitting back in her seat.
"I can't stand her at all." I muttered under my breath.
"Why?" Hope said, apparently catching onto what I said.
"I guess I'm a little different from everyone else. I have trouble here and I can't exactly get away from it when I go home either." I said, checking my watch. "Still another 5 minutes till class ends."
"Ya know, math isn't exactly the best class ever. That class is actually quite difficult."
"True, but I'm actually able to concentrate in that class."
"What's wrong with math class?"
"Strict teacher." Snow and I said in unison.
"Oh, I know how that goes." Hope said, putting his elbows on his desk.
"Strict math teacher back in Eden?" Snow asked.
"Nope, strict English teacher." He said with a shiver.
"Ouch, that's even worse."
"Yeah, anyway, Hope, this is Vanille." I said, gesturing to Vanille and making her presence.
Vanille stepped forward and held out her hand. "Nice to meet you."
"Uhh, nice to meet you too." Hope said, taking her hand and shaking it.
"And Ms. Yun asked if you could take him to his Math class next."
"Well, sure." Vanille said, giving me a nod and turning back to Hope. "May I see your schedule?"
"Uh, yeah." He said, shuffling through some papers on his desk before handing her the schedule.
The day went by smoothly as Snow, Vanille and I showed Hope how the school system worked and as well as where everything is. As I walked alongside Serah and Snow on the sidewalk, I thought about today's events. I could already tell that Vanille was most likely going to cling to Hope for the rest of the year, but you'll never know what goes on inside that red head of hers. I also had most of my classes with Hope, so I'm going to get the chance to get to know him a little better in this next year. But aside from the little fallout Nala and I had today, today wasn't all that bad besides that one guy calling me weird in the hallway. The only downside is I have to deal with dad when I get home.
"Alright, this is my stop guys, see you tomorrow!" Hope said as he walked down his drive way.
"Bye Snow!" Serah called back to him.
Serah and I continued our walk in comfortable silence until we arrived at our home, opened the door and went inside.
"Hi girls." Mom greeted us at the front.
"Hi mom." Serah and I replied in unison as we took off our shoes and sat them next to the front door.
"You dinner will be ready in an hour, so go do your home work and freshen up." She said with a smile and walked into the kitchen.
After taking a shower, doing my homework and helping Serah out with hers, we went back down stairs and into the dining room. Serah and I sat down at the table and waited for mom to serve us our food. Serah and I sat at the table and talked about random things, both of us doing our best not to talk about school. Mom served us our food after a few more minutes of waiting and we dug into our food.
"Where's dad?" Serah asked halfway through dinner.
"He went to go visit his mother in Eden." Mom replied, taking a bite of her food.
"When will he be back?"
"In a day or two."
The rest of dinner was silent and we all finished our dinner and put the dishes in the sink to be washed later.
Sooooo, I have rewritten Enough is enough and I pretty much combined Chapter 1 with Chapter 2 making this 5k+ words in total. This one is going to focus more on grades and stress than anything, and I'm actually going to plan this one out. :)

Original Summary:

Okay, so today I wanted to do a story on bullying. This is MY story. Everything that happens in this story has happened to me. Bullying is the reason I’m homeschooled as we speak. Every day, I sit at home, alone, with no body to talk to all because of picking, insults and all out harassment. When you finish reading this story, you do not have to love it, you do not have to hate, and I don’t even care if you review. I just want all that I’ve been through to be KNOWN. For all the “weirdoes”, the “nerds”, the “idiots”, and most importantly, the “VICTIMS”, this story is for you. Okay, now that I’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to discuss story related stuffy stuffs. [Insert happy cheers here] Sooo, in this story, Lightning’s name is “Claire”. The whole Lightning stuff will come later. I kind of had a hard time with the ages and stuff, but I tried. I’m not gonna go into detail about the PSICOM, Guardian Corps, ect, but that will come later… maybe in a sequel, I dunno. Oh yer, and in this fic, Claire and Serah’s parents are alive and if I call Claire “Lightning”, I’m sorry. It’s kind of hard calling Lightning by her real name all the time, but by the end of this fic, I might have that little problem taken care of. So anyways, I’m gonna tell you the ages and then we’ll be on with the story. PS, sorry if any of the characters are OOC, especially Lightning, but I plan on having her all tough by the end of this fic. PPS, some of this stuff maybe be made up, some of it maybe from my real life experience of bullying. Just letting you know.
Claire: 17
Snow: 17
Vanille: 17
Serah: 16
Hope: 17

DISCLAMER: I DO NOT OWN FINAL FANTASY XIII OR ANY OF ITS CHARACTERS! But I do, however, own my puppy, Riley. (Riley if you’re reading this, mommy loves you! <3)

EDIT: I'm actually back in public school now, just thought I'd add that. :D
This is a very enjoyable text to read and is another well-written out-of-universe text related to Final Fantasy XIII. You put quite detail while writing about characters, their behaviour. You very well mimic the character behaviour like given in the original game. Even though the text is about harassment at school, there are quite a lot funny moments to balance the rather unpleasant topic, yet I don't know if this was intended. There are a few misspellings, but aside of that the text is easy to follow by non-native English speakers, thanks to the usage of rather popular vocabulary. However, I advise to not write walls of text as they may be sometimes hard to follow and doesn't look pleasant to eye, but that depends on personal preferences. I'd like to also complain about little care put into describing characters' clothing as it helps to define the character more, but then again it's depends on personal preferences.

Either way, this has a lot of potential to grow into something great, but still needs work (e.g.: near the end of the text are two lines which can easily cause confusion - these regard Snow and Hope's homes). A rather unexpected event would add impact to the story as well as giving a bit more light to other characters like Vanille who seemed more of a "last minute addition" rather than a "fully-fledged character" would benefit the story as well.
What do you think?
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